16 years old “jealous” girl stabbed her boyfriend to death in Eastern Region.


An teenager has reportedly stabbed her boyfriend to death for cheating on her at Kade in the Eastern Region.

The murderer, 16 years old Frema Asuman attacked her boyfriend during a scuffle after spotting him with another woman, said the Police.

She plunged the kitchen knife into his boyfriend, Fredrick Agadazu’s chest after she claimed he is cheating on her.

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The 21-year-old driver, who bled profusely after the stabbing, was eventually declared dead upon arrival at the Kade Government Hospital, Police report says.

Fredrick, always denied her frequent cheating accusations but telling his friends “it’s as if she uses black magic to keep us together”.

Frema has since been detained while the dead body lies at the hospital’s morgue awaiting an autopsy.

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It has been alleged that Frema had previously attacked her boyfriend, throwing stones at him over his ‘unfaithfulness’.

Once, two people had to pull her off him as she came close to strangling him, it was alleged.

On another occasion, she jabbed a fork into his leg and cut the side of his body with a knife.

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When he was absent she phoned his friends demanding to know where he was.

All the previous dangerous attack she meted out unto his now deceased boyfriend is a clear indication that the 16 years old girl had wanted to end his boyfriend’s life long ago.

Source: WestAfrica24.com


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