/18 d!ed after a military plane crashed into residential area in Pakista

18 d!ed after a military plane crashed into residential area in Pakista

A small Pakistan military plane have crashed into residential area near Rawalpindi early this morning and 18 people have been confirmed dead whilst dozens are injured.

The rescue service has confirmed that 13 civilians are K!lled and five crew members of the plane are also k!lled.

A witness said the plane which was on a training flight set has several homes set on fire and also said the plane caught fire before crashing into the residents.

The King Air 350 turboprop reportedly took a steep turn near its destination airport before coming down.

The city of Rawalpindi is the site of the army’s headquarters

Rawalpindi, near the capital Islamabad, is the site of the Pakistani army’s headquarters, and the plane belonged to the Pakistani Army’s aviation unit.

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan offered his condolences and wished a “quick recovery for the injured”, according to a tweet sent by the Pakistani government.

“I was awake when the plane flew over my room and it was already on fire in the air,” said resident Ghulam Khan. “The sound was so scary, it was only a small plane. It then fell on a house where a family used to live.” a witness has said.

Another witness, Yasir Baloch, said: “The tail of the plane was on fire and it took barely two to three seconds and it crashed four houses away from my house and burnt to ashes.”

A resident near the site of the crash who gave his name as Yamin said he had escaped his burning house with his wife, daughter and parents, but his brother, sister-in-law and nephew died.

“The window and door to their room was locked. We tried our best to get them out but couldn’t,” he said.

Pictures from the scene showed blackened buildings that had been reduced to rubble. A reporter from the AFP news agency said smoke was still rising from the wreckage and pieces of the plane were visible on a nearby roof.

The spokesman for the rescue service Farooq Butt has said, all the bodies are severely burnt and therefore DNA tests are needed for easy indentification