81-year-old man returned home after missing for 51 years.


Francis Chege an 81-year-old man has returned home after he abandoned his family 51 years ago at the age of 30.

It is said that one morning 51 years ago Chege woke up and left his home leaving behind his wife and six children.

All attempts made by his relatives overthe years to locate him prove futile.

His wife Wanjiru Muthua was left to fend for their children while nursing a broken heart and a sense of hopelessness.

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According to Wanjiru, she once spotted her husband while visiting Kisii town but when she returned to inquire about his whereabouts, he was already gone.

“My only option was to leave his whereabouts to God, pray for his protection and hope that one day he would show up. I had to do that so as to concentrate on looking after our children and ensuring they went to school,” Wanjiru said.

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According to Francis, during the five decades he was away, he got married, started a business, had another kid and eventually parted ways with his wife.

“I would burn charcoal and spend all the proceeds on alcohol. My second wife and my son could not tolerate my habits so she called it off. I lived a miserable life and felt the shame of going back home with nothing,” Francis lamented.

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After catching wind of Mau Forest evictions, the 81-year-old decided to go home.

His kids who are now grown decided to return home after hearing their long lost father had finally returned home.

His return brought joy to the family and to grace the occasion, his kin threw a party and shared meals as they welcomed their man back home.


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