Residents are in shock after a day-old baby girl has been rescued from a public toilet by a native of Kusinjan, a suburb of Tumu in the Sissala East Municipality.
“The baby was found by one of our sons, Abdulai Kanton (Ngeni) who went to the public latrine to free his bowl Thursday morning around 5:30 am, where the abandoned baby was left at the corridor of the lavatory,” an Elder from Kusinjan Chief Palace, Mr Tommie Kanton, said.
The baby was then rescued, washed down by a woman from the Chief’s Palace after Ngeni picked the baby girl, who was left in a place being looted by pigs, he told the Ghana News Agency.
Faecal particles were found on the body of the baby, according to local residents, “We immediately rescued and bathed her before the community blew the information,” Kanton added.
He expressed optimism that she would survive since, according to him, the baby appeared lively and healthy as reported by hospital officials.
The Tumu Municipal Hospital Nutritionist, Mr Clement Yanbom Tiimin, who spoke with the GNA, said the baby was healthy after examining her critically and administering the necessary vaccinations.
The Sissala East Municipal Director of Social Welfare, Mr Nurideen Sherifdeen, said available packages would be activated for her upkeep and survival and further promised to work closely with nongovernmental organisations to solicit support.
“The status of ownership of the baby would be determined in court where an affidavit would be sworn forbearers of the baby to claim a temporary ownership of it to ensure adequate care,” he said.
DSP Stephen Abanga, Sissala East Municipal Police Commander, requested the public to assist the police with relevant information to find the baby’s biological mother.
Members of the Sissala East Community offered cash donations and food supplements for the upkeep of the baby after the announcement was made on the local radio station, Radford FM.
The baby has since been discharged from the Sissala East Municipal Hospital in Tumu and given to a caregiver under the community’s watch.

It is still unknown what might cause her mother to abondon her in such an early stage.


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