A/R: NPP 1st Vice Chairman caught in illegal log business.


As government is committed to resuscitating defunct Ayum Timber Company at Mim in the newly-created Ahafo Region and protecting our forest with the introduction of Forest Guards, President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo ,but some miscreants also in the name of having power go behind to break the same rules of engagement.

On Tuesday, August 20th ,2019 ,the NPP Ashanti regional 1st vice chairman and Regional NADMO Coordinator was caught escorting 3 fully loaded logs and chain saw lumbers from the ahafo area with his Official NADMO vehicle while the car’s Siren was on.

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Sources say ,he was using NADMO official pickups to do such escort with Four(4) other people on board and when approached by people of the area to stop him from carrying such loads ,”he emphatically told them,he is doing it on behalf of the party and President.

It was the President that appointed me as NADMO official so I chooses what I will use my time for in the party and as official” The no nonsense 1st vice chairman Kwabena Nsenkyire ,went on to allow his boys to park the illegal lumbers and logs into the big trucks with numbers AS 2944-19 , AW 5383-13 and GR 483-14 as reported by the whistle blowers.

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We are reliably informed that it has not been the first or second time he was using government car to propagate such act.

The whistle blowers followed him and his cars from immediately at Anyinasuso in the Ahafo Ano North municipality through Wioso as he was calmly driving to escort the above trucks before they entered Duyan Nkwanta in the Ahafo Ano South West District a yellow gallon on the cars fell off, he then stopped, one of the guys in his car picked it up and place it in the NADMO car escorting the illegal logs, immediately after Duyaw Nkwanta through to Kunsu, Mankranso the district capital to kumasi.

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The TIDD posts and police on the way could not stop him as he uses the name of the President and the party as a safe passage of such illegal business in the region.

Attached Are pictures of him escorting the illegal business.


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