/Abandoned Classrooms Project Turns Place Of Convenience

Abandoned Classrooms Project Turns Place Of Convenience

Stalled classroom projects at the Kokrobite D/A Basic School in the Ga South Municipality of the Greater Accra Region have unfortunately been turned to a place of convenience.

The development has serious health implications on the pupils because it is located rightly in the heart of the existing classrooms block, where pupils play during leisure.

Kokrobite’s name is synonymous to tourist attraction hosting all shades of people including foreigners but lack a lot of infrastructural facilities including road network and school.

The said classrooms project commenced by both government and individuals have been left at various stages deteriorating.

The fixed irons rods for decking have all fallen and some of the beams broken, turning the gated school premises to a place of convenience where both town folks and school pupils ease themselves.

Talking with Westafrica24.com at Kokrobite, the Asafoatse of the area, Asafoatse Sowah Kokrobite II, noted that the situation has resulted in school dropout since the children see the overcrowding in class as disincentive for leaning.

Asafoatse Sowah Kokrobite II stated that pupils prefer to stay at the beach to work instead of coming to school as a result of the problem at hand.

He therefore appealed to the government to complete the project to provide adequate classrooms for the Kokrobite D/A Basic School to curb school dropout.

Asafoatse Sowah Kokrobite II also raised concern about the unavailability of market along that stretch of costal communities.

According to him, from Aplaku, Bortianor, Oshiyie, Kokrobite, Langma down to Tuba, there is not even a mini Market.

The situation he noted, compels women of the above mentioned fishing communities to sell their fish along the road causing accidents and deaths.

Some of the fishmongers who spoke with Westafrica24.com said though they are afraid of selling along the road which has resulted in accidents claiming lives over the years, they have no option because there are no markets around the area.

They therefore appealed to the Ga South kunicipal Assembly and for that matter, the government to provide them with at least, a mini market to forestall future occurrences.

By: Edward Tetteh