/Allow Nature To Lead Our Pupils… Ex Prez Charged

Allow Nature To Lead Our Pupils… Ex Prez Charged

Former President of the Republic of Ghana, John Agyekum Kuffour says young people must not be taught things they are not supposed to learn at such tender ages, rather, they must be allowed for nature to expose them to the composition of the human anatomy.

He said, the study of biology in school which gradually teaches children the formation of human structure is enough and therefore must not be rushed into knowing things that are above their reach as it has dire consequences on them as they grow.

He said this when a delegation of teachers, pupils and the entire staff of the ANJEF Montessori School in Ashaiman called on him at his residence.

Responding to a question from an eleven year-old stage Six pupil of the school concerning the controversial comprehensive sexuality education, CSE, Ex-President Kuffour said, children must not be hasten to know what is meant for adults, but should be allowed for nature to lead them.

“If you rush to get there when nature has not prepared you for it, then you destroy yourself.” The state man emphasised.

The Chief Executive Officer and Proprietor of the ANJEF Montessori School, Abraham Kwesi Afewuah for his part said, former President Kuffour has been his mentor, given his matured approach to issues, his initiatives such as NHIS, capitation and interest in the private sector growth when he was president.

Mr. Afewuah continued that he has not established the school to enrich himself, but as his contribution towards harnessing the human capital development of Ghana, in churning out respectable and useful Ghanaians, a legacy he wants to be remembered with.

The ANJEF Proprietor thanked the firmer President for his blessings and also inspiring him to get this far.

Speaking to a question on his assessment of Ghana’s current educational standard, former President Kuffour sounded satisfactory about how a lot of schools have taken to comprehensive means of nurturing pupils and student, equipping them to fit into global trends, using ANJEF Montessori School as a case study.

The former President however tasked the government step us the economy, expand it to be wealth-growth based in order to sustain the present quality of education.

By: Edward Tetteh