An NDC Parliamentary Aspirant for the Anyaa-Sowutuom Constituency and Manager of the Osu branch of the Fidelity Bank, Emmanuel Adote Allotey is alleged to have virtually kidnapped a shop attendant of his accuser who has disclosed that Mr. Allotey has some dirty criminal files with the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI).

Bismarck, as the accuser is simply called, had been out of the shop at the time that Mr. Allotey stormed the place to drag him to the Police Station but Allotey and a supposed Police officer met his absence, and therefore kidnapped Bismarcks shop attendant.

The manner of the helpless boys abduction was very stylistic of the kidnapping of the three Canadian girls in Kumasi, as Allotey had allegedly dragged the boy into his car and sped off to the Central Police Station around 9pm on Thursday, 18th.

Scared eye witnesses soon feared that that the freak show was a chapter in the recent wave of kidnappings that has hit Ghana, not knowing that the boy was being driven to the Central Police Station.

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Nobody knows what the Polices interest in the case is as the tango between Allotey and Bismarck is purely, a civil one.

Mr. Emmanuel Allotey would later however, return the victim identified simply as Maxwell after the NDC had summoned him before a disciplinary committee over what is seen as a criminal behavior.

Interestingly, the Fidelity Bank Osu Branch Managers enragement had been caused by revelations by the boss of Maxwell that Mr. Allotey has some dirty files with the BNI that he does not want the world to know about.

The whole scandal had started when Bismarck, a member of the Anyaa Sowutuom Constituency wing of the NDC, had been provoked by incessant insults that Alloteys supporters had been heaping on other aspirants for the 2020 Parliamentary ticket.

An unhappy Bismarck had asked Allotey to rein in his supporters who among other things, had called the partys Anyaa-Sowutuom Constituency Chairman, Alhaji Mahmud, an illiterate, simply because Alhaji Mahmud is aspiring for the ticket as well.

The same foul mouthed Allotey supporters had also insulted Mrs. Irene Edem Mensah, another of the Candidates in all sorts of shocking language, including calling her a witch and a stranger.

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But after Bismarck had requested Allotey to rein in his supporters, the supporters had turned their attacks on him. This infuriated Bismarck who spilled the beans on Allotey.

According to Bismarck, Allotey had secretly pleaded with him not to reveal some criminal records that the Fidelity Bank Osu Branch Manager has with the BNI.

It is not clear what the dirty files are but when Alloteys supporters attempted to call Bismarcks bluff, he released a thread of WhatsApp chat with Allotey in which the Fidelity Bank Manager was pleading with him not to release his secret as it could ruin him politically.

The chat also showed Mr. Allotey pleading with Bismarck not to release secrets about his past sex life, suggesting that he might have been a skirt chaser who planted very wild oats in the past.

Since the revelations dropped, Anyaa Sowutuom has been boiling as Emmanuel Adotey Allotey, the Fidelity Bank Manager who wants to be an NDC Parliamentary Candidate, stomps about the constituency like a wounded lion.

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Among other things, he has had some supposed lawyers write to Bismarck threatening to sue him, a thing that has angered Bismarck into warning that he would spill more of the beans.

On Thursday night, Mr. Allotwy is said to have driven to the shop of Bismarck at A-Lang Taxi Rank in quest of his accuser who has opened Pandoras box, but could not find him as Bismarck was outside of Accra pursuing some academic exercise.

The angry Parliamentary Candidate wannabe furiously dragged the shop attendant on duty at the time, one Maxwell, into his car and sped off in a manner very stylistic of a kidnapping. Unbeknownst to scared eye witnesses who thought theye were witnessing a kidnapping, Allotey was speeding the boy off to the Accra Central Police Stattion.

He has since however returned the boy after the NDCs Deputy Youth Organizer asked him to face its disciplinary committee to answer for his actions.

More soon!

Source:||Paul Mamattah


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