/Attoh Quarshie is an Imposter” – Chief Of Ngleshie Lafaa

Attoh Quarshie is an Imposter” – Chief Of Ngleshie Lafaa

The newly installed Chief of Ngleshie Lafaa in the Ablekuma South Municipality of the Greater Accra Region, Nii Ayi Okufuobour I, says he will not be disrupted from doing his work amid calls for him to declare his linage from the Ngleshie stool.

Nii Ayi Okufuobour I, insisted that he will not relent in his effort at exposing distortion in facts and misinformations made by someone who does not hail from James Town.

According to him, he is committed in protecting lives and properties of the Ngleshie Lafaa community as residents have entrusted that to him.

Nii Ayi Okufuobour I, was talking to WestAfrica24.com in response to recent attacks on him by Attoh Quarshie, a 94year old politician who describes himself as the family head for Ajumanku Dawuranpong.

The Ngleshie Lafaa Chief, Nii Ayi Okufuobour I, said calls by Attoh Quarshie for him to declare his linage is unfortunate, saying his forbearer, Nii Armah Twetweegu who ruled as the Paramount Chief of Ngleshie Alata between 1803 to 1825 comes from Nii Armah We, making him, Nii Ngleshie Lafaa, a true son of Ajumanku Dawuranpong.

Addressing some of Attoh Quarshie claims, Nii Okofuobour I, says he is alarmed at the level of distortions in the history of the Ngleshie by the so called son of the land hence his reaction.

According to him, these distortions in facts and misinformations can only be made by somebody like Attoh Quarshie who does not hail from James Town.

He therefore challenged him to come out and tell the whole world his family tree at Ngleshie as well as mention any four stools which fall under Otokunor and other stools of Ngleshie or forever hold his peace.

Nii Okofuobour I, described as shear ignorance, statements attributed to Attoh Quarshie that there is no place or community called Ngleshie Lafaa which falls under the James Town(Ngleshie) Paramount Stool of the Ga State.

Nii Ngleshie Lafaa added that anyone who claims that Lafaa does not exist due to ignorance, only goes to prove that, that person is an imposter in the Ngleshie Alata stool affairs and for that matter the Ajumanku Dawuranpong family.

He therefore called on all natives ancestors of Ngleshie Alata especially Ajumanku Dawuranpong family to deal with the likes of Attoh Quarshie who does not comes from the family adding that this is the time to come out with the truth.

By: WestAfrica24.com