/Be Vigilant With Herbal Medicine …DKT International

Be Vigilant With Herbal Medicine …DKT International

The Assistant General Manager of DKT International, Adamu Abdulai, has advised the Ghanaian to pay serious attention to the intake of herbal medications.

According to him, some people were of the wrong opinion that herbal medicines had no side effects, explaining that because the toxicity of herbal medicines were not known, some members of the public took it for granted that it was safe to take them anyhow.

Mr. Abdulai said most of the case in our hospitals, are as a result errors or wrongly intake herbal medications.

He noted “We combine a lot of drugs that we are not supposed to combine especially herbal medicine and because of the drug interactions, we end up in the hospital”.

Mr. Abdulai was speaking at workshop organised by DKT International in Bolgatanga in the Upper West region to sensitize health workers on the need to report complains of adverse drug reactions.

DKT International is a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) that deals in modern contraceptive and other family planning product thoughts that our health works and chemical shop owner do not have the idea on how to report on Adverse Drug Reaction, ADR, which in most case cause a lot of challenges.

He said similar workshops across the country to enlighten stakeholders on the adverse effects of drugs, especially DKT products and urged health professionals to report any side effects of any of its products for appropriate action.

Mr. Abdulai said his outfit concentrated on family planning products because it wanted living conditions.

In his remarks, the Upper West Regional Deputy Director of Health, Dr. Abdul Razak Dokurugu said the workshop was in detail and the health professionals would have significant levels of what Pharmacovigilance was about and also no the effect of ADR.

He added that Pharmacovigilance was one of the key pillars in managing patients introduced onto medications.

Dr. Dokurugu said as in charge of Clinical Care the essence of the workshop was in line with the Ghana Health Service policy of educating members of the public.

This is what we called a step in a right direction, this is arming the patient who is using the medicine, and on the second aspect arming the health care worker to have a deeper understanding because it opens up the communication between the user and the prescriber.”

He said health professionals could not carry out their mandate of informing the public if they were not well informed themselves about the adverse effects of the Pharmacological products they prescribed to their clients.

Dr Dokurugu said some of the products of the Organisation were new to health professionals, especially midwives, “so it is good that the facilitator is taking his time to explain how they work and what the benefits are, it will help our workers educate the general public on how to use some of these contraceptives.”

The Deputy Director said Pharmacovigilance gave patients the opportunity to understand the medicines they took and the potential unwanted effects to expect.

By: WestAfrica24.com