A group of eleven (11) young ladies in the Ayawaso East Constituency have saluted the Hon. Member of Parliament (MP), Mc Naza Mahama Toure for his support.

The young ladies, during their visitation to show the MP their appreciation presented to him a number of receipt covering the fees he paid for them throughout their training course at Nandle school of hospitality.

The ladies who so far benefited from the Legislator in the area promised to make good use of the skills acquired to enable them to also make a meaningful livelihood.

Mc Naza Mahama Toure, Ayawaso East Constituency Member of Parliament described the visitation by the ladies beautiful move to show their appreciation for what did for them.

He disclosed to do more aside the already on-going supports like the yearly presentation mathematical sets to the BECE students in his constituency amongst others.

He further indicated the ladies’ presence to show him their appreciation was in order and that was how it should be, and that could strengthen him to do more.

To this effect, the MP anticipated some might not bother to even pick up their phones to call in leiu to thank him like the ladies did.


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