Information reaching us indicates that a fetish priest has turned a prostitute to dog after she insulted him for adding to what he paid earlier.

The fetish priest whose name was given as Nana Ogidi,who has his shrine at Amasaman in the Ahafo North approached the lady who was operating as a s*x worker at a brothel

According to the report,the lady agreed to negotiate with the fetish priest who had then hidden his identity before approaching the lady moved together into the brothel room to engage their sexual agreement.

During the act,the man lasted longer i and the prostitute demanded more of the money charged,but the man declined to pay the amount they the lady was demanding.

According to the informant,the lady started insulting the man and disgracing him publicly so the man got discraced and cast some spells on the lady and she turns to dog instantly.

It took the intervention of some onlookers and come to her rescue and pressured the man to restore her into its Form.



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