/BREAKING: Schools in “Western Togoland” started hoisting their country’s flag.

BREAKING: Schools in “Western Togoland” started hoisting their country’s flag.

Reports reaching WestAfrica24.com have it that barely 48 hours after the declaration of the Western Togoland as an independent state by the HSGF, a particular school in the region has started hoisting the Western Togoland flag on its premises.

In a photo available to WestAfrica24.comone can see students together with few staff of the school posing for a picture as the flag of the new country was flying in the sky, a sign of sovereignty indeed.

It is also believed that some towns in the Volta Region also have hoisted the flag as a sign of nationhood. One of such towns is Alavanyo, a town believed to be critical in the Volta Region.

On Saturday, 16th November, the separatist movement in the Volta Region declared the former UN Trust territory an independent state with the leader of the separatist group citing the recent omission of Volta Region from the 2020 budget for critical road projects as one of the reasons.

The government of Ghana has since issued a press statement signed by the minister for information asking Ghanaians to disregard the declaration. It is also widely reported that the Ghana Police has launched a manhunt for the separatist leaders who are believed to be in hiding.

Below is the photo;20191118_205220[1]

Source: WestAfrica24.com