/BREAKING: “Western Togoland” finally declared independent state in West Africa.

BREAKING: “Western Togoland” finally declared independent state in West Africa.

The Homeland Study Group Foundation (HSGF), a secessionist group based in the Volta Region has finally declared the former U.N Trust territory an independent state, WestAfrica24.com can authoritatively report.

The 85 years old founder and leader, Mr. Charles Komi Kudzordzi alias Papavi Hogbedetor made the declaration at a public gathering in Ho today, Saturday November 16, 2019 after he is arrested and whisked to Accra and subsequently released some six months ago.

The declaration event took place at the former premises of Unity Rural Bank, which is just few meters away from the Ho Police Training school.

Papavi Hogbedetor, the HSGF leader, speaking in his native Ewe language recounted their struggle to restore the pre-independence Western Togoland territory, a German protectorate which was illegality made to part of the then Gold Coast to form the new independent country which is Ghana on March 6, 1957 under circumstances the group believed were illegal.

Setting the grounds for the declaration Saturday afternoon, he said ” We’ve all witnessed what happen recently when we (Volta region) were forgotten by the government in its budget. Can a parent can forget about their children? We’re not their children, so they have forgotten about us.”

HSGF leader at the declaration grounds

HSGF leader at the declaration grounds

Mr. Papavi then went ahead to declared the Western Togoland independent. “from midnight today November 16, 2019 entering tomorrow, We’re now Western Togoland State”, he was quoted as saying.

The announcement sent his supporters and Western Togoland advocates into wide jubilation, as some waved the supposed flag of the Western Togoland.

Mr. Papavi, however was driven away from the scene by his loyalists in a waiting private car to an unknown destination.

Map of the Western Togoland

Map of the Western Togoland

Western Togoland could become the world’s youngest nation after South Sudan if the today’s declaration is able to draw the needed recognition from other sovereign states and the international community.