/Buffalo attacked hunter in the Northern Region.

Buffalo attacked hunter in the Northern Region.

ISSAH Yakubu, a 40-year-old hunter is fighting for his life at the Tamale Teaching Hospital after he was attacked by a Buffalo at the Mole Park.

The man, Issah Yakubu who hails from Larabanga in the West Gonja district of the Savannah Region, has been described by the management of the reserve park as “a regular unfriendly visitor” to the Mole National Park is alleged to have shot the buffalo, triggering the attack on him.

The victim’s brother, Umar Farouk, who is also the Manager of the Mole National Park said Issah ignored several warnings not to enter the park.

He cited how the victim was initially arrested by the Damongo Police Command for unlawful entry into the park yet, wasn’t deterred by his arrest.

A family member who spoke to Joy News on condition of anonymity revealed that doctors have now discovered the buffalo also attacked Issah Yakubu with its horn which has created two separate passages beside his anus.

Umar Fauruk said Issah sustained several injuries after the attack and even after three successive surgeries on his stomach, he cannot take in water or food.

He said as a result of the damage to certain vital parts of Issah’s body, waste that is supposed to pass through his anus now passes through his stomach, a condition medical personnel at the Tamale Teaching Hospital have been monitoring for the past three to four weeks.

Meanwhile, Management of the Tamale Teaching is tight-lipped on his condition.