/Chieftaincy Clash In The Offing At James Town

Chieftaincy Clash In The Offing At James Town

WestAfrica24.com has gathered that a chieftaincy clash is looming at James Town in the Greater Accra region as one Attoh Quarshie, a politician who allegedly parades himself as the family head of Ajumanku Dawuranpong family of the Ngleshie Alata stool at Gamashie is creating the trouboules.

A source closed to this portal alleged Attoh Quarshie, an Octogenarian plans to install a Military officer whose name withheld, as Chief for the Ajumanku Dawuranpong family over the weekend.

The source hinted that this Military officer, a Sargent based in Burma camp in Accra does not hail from the family but allegedly paid huge sums of money to be installed as the Chief of Ajumanku Dawuranpong family.

Our checks also indicates that all the necessary rituals has been performed for this Sargent in the Ghana Armed Forces and alleged ‘chieftaincy buyer’ is waiting to be outdoor as a Chief.

It will be recall that the same ‘self-styled’ Attoh Quarshie in early this year installed a rival Chief of the Ajumanku Dawuranpong family which ended up in chaotic situation where there was bloodshed in James Town.

The Ajumanku Dawuranpong family is the allodial owners of lands and had supervision over villages under Ngleshie Alata James Town stool.

The Source who spoke to WestAfrica24.com on condition of anonymity further alleged that some elders of the Royal family took money from the military officer promising him the Ajumanku Dawuranpong family chieftaincy title.

He disclosed the idea behind that illegal installation of the military officer as Chief is for him help sell parcel of lands belonging to the Ajumanku Dawuranpong family and share the money among themselves.

Source also added their subjects are complaining bitterly of how people who do not hail from the Royal family are being installed as Chiefs to rule the royals from in their own house without considering the future consequences.

To this effect, he called on the National Security to as a matter of urgency halt the ceremony to avoid another bloodshed at James Town before the National Security act.

In addition the source threatened they would not sit to allow Attoh Quarshie to install the military officer who is a stranger to suppress the people of the area and for that matter to rule them as royals in their own town.

Source: WestAfrica24.com