Chieftaincy clash in the offing in Ada


A possible clash is imminent between two factions, the Sebi and Otipeseku families of Goi-Ada tomorrow Saturday August 3, 2019 at the Asafotufiami durbar in Big-Ada, if security apparatus do not sit up.

The rival factions have a chieftaincy issues, claimant of legitimacy to the Goi stool.

The Otipeseku family last year enstooled a Chief, parallel to an existing Chief of Goi, Nene Osibli-Sebi lV, an observance which defies the custom and tradition of Ada. Enstoolment of the so called Chief was met with opposition leading to violence which resulted in the injury of some members from both side.

The case went to the Accra Human Rights Court which indicated that the Otipeseku family was not given a fairs hearing, in the face of some evidence adduced at the court later. The court then referred the case back to the Ada Traditional Council to give both parties a fair hearing.

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The Otipeseku family however refused to show up at the four consecutive sittings of the Ada Traditional Council to hear the case and went on to enstool a Chief. The Council to this end placed an injunction on the self-styled Chief and warned him to resist from parading himself as the Chief of Goi, since it recognises only Nene Osibli-Sebi lV as the legitimate Chief of Goi since time immemorial.

However, Information gathered indicates that, the Otipeseku family has planned to present the injuncted Chief at this year’s Asafotufiami durbar on Saturday August 3, 2019.

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The move per the information is likely to be countered by the Sebi faction, a recipe for chaos.

A delegation of elders from Sebi faction it leant, is due in at Big-Ada Saturday morning to remind the Traditional Council, and called on the security agencies to prevent the move of the rivalry faction to forestall any possible chaos leading to bloodshed.

In a similar development, another chieftaincy clash is in the offing as two rival chiefs of Ada Foah are set to represent the the Ada Foah stool at the Asafotufiami durbar ground.

The two, Nene Tetteygah Dugbatey Tettegah V of the Teteygah family and Julius Tekpertey Dada lV family are both claiming legitimacy to the Ada Foah Stool, a conflict which the Ada Traditional Council is unable to resolve till date.

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It could be recalled that in 2017, the Ada Asafotufiami festival had recorded a bloody clash at the durbar ground in the presence of former President Jerry John Rawlings as the special guest when two rival chiefs clashed and injured each other as they both tried to swear an allegiance to the Paramount Chief of the Ada Traditional Council, Djetse Abram Kabu Akuaku lll.

It is uncertain what will happen on Saturday 3rd August, 2019 at the durbar ground should these four chieftaincy groups decide to do the unthinkable.
By: Edward Tetteh


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