/Close to 76% Delegates Reconcile Pledge To Vote Mc Naza

Close to 76% Delegates Reconcile Pledge To Vote Mc Naza

About seven-six percent (76%) delegates of the six wards that is 87 branches in the Ayawaso East Constituency have reconciled with the incumbent legislator, Mc Naza Mahama Toure.

They also pledged to renew his mandate as Member of Parliament (MP) for the third time to represent the people of the area.

One Dr. Yakubu Azindow, a Nima guy and a Political Science Lecturer at the Masacuchette University USA, an astute member of the NDC offered himself to contest the incumbent MP.

A section of the youth of the party in Ayawaso East convinced Dr. Azindow to come out when he shown interest, due certain disagreements the youth had with Mc Naza.

The Hon. MP managed to reconcile with a huge number of the delegates with the help of his concealed and known campaign teams formed from amongst the branch executives across the area.

The NDC MP for the area has a number of projects/infrastructure development to his credit along side the scholarships he gave to students who gained tertiary admission.

Mc Naza Mahama Toure has also given scholarship to some ladies who went through a professional trained and today they are on their own.

Westafrica24.com further gathered that with education at heart, he supports public and most private schools in the constituency based on their demands. This includes desks, markers amongst others.

The final year Junior High Students in the constituency get mathematical sets each ahead of their Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) from the MP.

The people especially parents whose children he supported in the constituency threatened to vote against a new PC the delegates will present in the general elections.

Source: WestAfrica24.com