The Director General of the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority, GPHA, Michael Luguje says not only do ensuring clean beaches in Ghana boost tourism, it is a requisite for a healthy population and stimulates the country’s economic drive.

According to him, clean Sea fronts which is central to the Millennium Development Goal Six has direct correlation with the health of the citizenry, and must therefore not be downplayed.

He made the reminder at the official launch of Costal Conservancy Organisation, CCO, an organisation established to clean Ghana’s beaches to minimise pollution of the marine environment

Coastal Conservancy Organisation, CCO, mainly sponsored presently by the GPHA seeks to clean up Ghana’s beaches on daily basis to minimise marine pollution which has a toll on marine lives and by extension, human health.

Currently operating in ten beaches from Tema New Town to Accra compromising the first phase of the project, CCO will with the assistance of corporate Ghana roll out second and third phases which include educating the public on indiscriminate littering and refuse dumping as a step of tackling the root cause of sanitation challenges confronting Ghana.

Michael Luguje reiterated the daunting health implications on humans life, if domestic waste continue to pollute the marine environment.

Linking it to economic progress, he noted that unhealthy population obviously cannot make for a prosperous economy since its people are faced with myriads of unhealthy conditions.

This to him, is because all wastes end up in the Sea and fishes feed on them as humans also cosume the poisoned fishes.

The country he intimated, would always have to spend substantial amount of funds that could be invested in education on healthcare services due to unhygienic practices, thereby churning out literate or semi-literate population which stifles its development.

The GPHA boss who drew attention to the pivotal role a sound marine environment plays in the maritime business added that, the responsibility of ensuring a clean beach frontiers is not for only pleasure, but precursor to basic survival of humanity.

Explaining why GPHA is sponsoring the project, Mr. Luguje enjoined CCO to seek assistance from industries and corporate Ghana to sustain the initiative and give Ghana beaches a new look.

Chairman of CCO, Justice Eshun on behalf of the CEO, Adwoa Saaba Eshun was concerned about the sustainability of the laudable initiative which he said hinges on the availability through sponsorship to take of volunteers’ allowances.

He sought the occasion to appeal to corporate entities to extend sponsorship assistance to expand the project to cover the entire country’s beaches.

Mr. Eshun also stressed the advocacy aspect of the project a d entreated communities to own it for it sustainability.

Present at the launch of the project were youth groupings, representative from the Sanitation Ministry, volunteers as well as traditional and religious leaders.

By: Edward Sebbie


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