A group calling itself Election Community of Practice and Learning, ECOPL, has called on the government to ensure that the constitution is amended holistically, inclusively and transparently in accordance with the aspirations of Ghanaians.

This according to the group will create opportunities to agree on a broad framework to ensure government’s consideration and implementation of constitutional reforms.

Addressing a press conference in Accra, the Convener of ECOPL, Eyram Bashan, also called for an official declaration of the status of the implementation of the recommendations of the Constitution Review, Commission, CRC, and the current members of the Constitutional Review Implementation Committee.

She demanded from government, an official notice in the status of the implementation of the recommendations of the CRC of which over 90 percent were accepted by government in a white paper issued in June 2012 as well as the roadmap for the implementation of the recommendations.

Madam Bashan noted that the constitution embodies many features that seek to foster accountable, open, transparent and participatory democratic governance, stating that there are however, some deficits.

She further pointed out that the constitution has concentrated too much power in the executive arm of government undermined systems of checks and balances as well as denied marginalized groups true participation in governance affairs in the country.

Madam Bashan explained that this has weakened and impeded the effectiveness of oversight institutions like Parliament and other independent constitutional bodies.

This she noted has translated into a failure of formal democratic institutions to give voice to the poor and other marginalized groups.

Madam Bashan said Ghanaians deserve a good leadership that will put country first, not party, stating that the usual political posture that gives prominence to party agenda is a great disservice to many non-partisan Ghanaians who vote for positive change and progress.

She therefore called on the media to help in reviving the conversations around the implementation of the constitutional review recommendations by informing the public through their news and programming.

Madam Bashan also called on Civil Society Organisations to engage and mobilize citizens to pull ardent support for the constitutional reforms process.

Election Community of Practice and Learning, ECOPL, is a coalition of 44 highly recognized Civil Society Organisations, Media houses, activists, independent constitutional bodies and political parties working together to positively mobilize and influence critical stakeholders within the governance landscape.

Its aim is to harness and share lessons on emerging issues including but not limited to general electoral management and reforms in Ghana.

By: Paul Mamattah


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