The Coalition Of Democratic Youth Alliance (CDYA) has alleged that after the Nana Akufo-Addo led ruling NPP fabricated a Coup Situation in Ghana, it tries in its frustration to rope in some respected Generals in the Military.

According to the release CDYA sent to in Accra, it said the NPP government’s agenda is directed to the Military Generals they (NPP) perceived are sympathisers of the NDC party.

Following this inhuman agenda, the CDYA stated that “we are making our resentment at the attempt by the ailing NPP government to bastardize the sanctity of the Military to the detriment of the security of Ghana”.

According to the Convener, Shamsu Shaibu an alleged information reaching them revealed that one Col. Samuel Kojo Gameli who was arrested in connection with the hoax Coup Plot, was recently promoted to his current Colonel position by the Nana Addo government.

To this effect, Shaibu quizzed that “assuming without admitting that Col. Kojo Gameli was engaged in any such attempt, how is it possible to be aided by NDC sympathisers in the Army?”.

“…..Instructively, we wish to urge the NPP to stop the hoax as a cover up for their monumental failure in governance. The frantic effort at shifting their governance failure has been exposed and Ghanaians will not take the fabrication of a Coup Plot for an excuse”, Shaibu posited.

“We wish, by this release to serve a strong message to the failed Nana Addo government, and all stakeholders of our resolve to use all legitimate means to resist all forms of oppression and attempts to turn over the security and the peace of this nation”, he cautions.

By: Delali A. Awuyeh


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