Director Of Passport Hot Over Verbal Abuse Of Queen Mother


Mr Kwesi Boakye, Director of Passports is in hot water for verbally abusing Queen of Sakumono, Naa Borley Wulu II.

According to the Queen Mother, she went to the passport office to acquire a national passport for travelling, but the Director who was expected to fast track the process delayed her for hours and later abused her with unprintable language.

It is not clear if the Director has had hidden personal issues with the Queen Mother of Sakumono, but Naa Wulu told West Africa 24, she did not provoke the Director.

She expressed her disappointment and displeasure of the rude reception and the embarrassment caused her by the Director of Passport at his office on 18th September 2019.

Narrating the incident, the Queen Mother alleged she went to the Passport Office in Accra to take passport pictures and avail her fingers for print to complete the process for the passport acquisition, where Mr Boakye went vulgar and loud on her and also insulting Chiefs of the Ga State.

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She explained that she didn’t want to felt more human than the people she met, so she joined the queue when her fronter invited her for the final process required to complete her passport application.

Naa Wulu II added that she was in the queue for almost two hours, till she felt tired and went back into her car.

She further stated that getting frustrated by the delays and the call from personalities she had booked an appointment with, she then calls her frontier told her, he and other colleagues have been by the door of the office of the Director pressing the bell for a while but he was not opening up.

As a result, she decided to come to try with the hope that seeing her through the camera he might open and address her concerns.

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“I tried the bell too, for a while and then when there was no response I thought it wise to knock at the door since the bell might out of order,” She said.

“Surprisingly the door opened and he did not exercise restraint at all when I entered. He went vulgar and loud at me attacking my personality in a derogatory manner and I was amazed at his rude attitude” she added.

Naa Borley Wulu II, has, therefore, petitioned the Chiefs of the GaDangme state, Greater Accra Regional Minister among others for the uncivilized way Mr Kwesi Boakye insulted Chiefs of the GaDangme state.

She stated that she will not allow him to disrespect any citizen of this country, talk less of traditional leaders.

She wants the Passport Director to render an unqualified apology to her, her office and the traditional authority of Ga-Damgbe, or face the consequence of his unruly behaviour.

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“As for me, I would not allow you to disrespect any citizen of this country, talk less of our traditional leaders, so I would give you one week to come out and render an unqualified apology to me, the stool I represent and the GaDangme States” she stated.

“I was in my royal element and accessories when you embarrassed me, so you did not just insult my personality, but the stool and the people I represent. You can call my bluff, but if you refuse to render the apology, I shall fight you spiritually and you shall face the wrath of big personalities I call my fathers and big brothers including my cabinet”.

“I shall set an example for other public office holders to know that they can’t use their office to disrespect anyone because we all have rights to be respected as taxpayers and citizens of this nation” she added.

By: Paul Mamattah



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