Akplabanya, a fishing community in the Ada West District of the Greater Accra Region is said to be in a spell which beckons serious disaster if the entire community does not fast and pray to intercede.

Nene Larbia Ankrah Kitcher IV, the Chief of the community confirming the information to WestAfrica24.com’s Edward Graham Sebbie said, a prophecy came through four different people which indicates that lots of unholy things are going in the community.

According to him, some fishermen who engage in spiritual means in their fishing pursuits have desecrated the land to the extent which requires intercessory prayers to intervene. Though not explicit, his comment implies that some actors have gone to the point of spilling blood for which God’s wrath is imminent at them.

The prophecy, Nene Larbia Ankrah Kitcher lV noted, further directed that the entire community fast and pray to seek the forgiveness of God or the community is plagued with prolonged high tides displacing all inhabitants, famine, strange diseases and unprecedented deaths.

Chairman of the committee responsible for the fasting and prayers observance, Pastor Joseph Afetorgbor said the prophecy came with fear in and they cannot sit and watch God’s wrath to befall them. He said as they pray for God to spare them his looming wrath, they will also seek the opportunity to pray for the entire country and the African continent to prevent some anti-Christ initiatives that want to rear their heads on the continent.

Past Afetorgbor added that much as they plead for pardon from God, they will also not spare anyone who is caught engaging in acts of bloodshed.

The three days fasting and prayer which is being observed by all churches and individuals in the Akplabanya community from morning to evening has begun on Monday October 14, 2019 and will end on Wednesday 16th October, 2019.

By: Edward Sebbie


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