The Senior Minister has accused political parties in the country of bidding behind political colour and engaging in corruption.

According to him, corruption is a crime and should not be protected by any political power urging Ghanaians to name and shame perpetrators who indulged themselves such act.

Mr. Osafo Marfo said this at the launch of Strategic Plan developed by the Ghana Anti-Corruption Coalition (GACC) in Accra.

The Ghana Anti-Corruption Coalition (GACC) is a unique cross-sectoral grouping of public, private and civil society organizations (CSOs) with a focus on promoting good governance and fighting corruption in Ghana.

The move was to promote anti-corruption efforts and Intergrity through sustainable and effective coordination of state and non-state actors.

It also sought to mobilize citizens and organisations to tackle corruption in a collective and holistic approach.

Mr. Osafo Marfo noted that Ghana has not succeeded in the establishment of growth in fighting corruption and that alone is a major problems in our country.

He said Ghana defined wrong doing based on political colors and that can not fight corruption in the country.

Mr. Osafo Marfo said “crime is a crime, we must not allow anybody to hide behind any political umbrella in redefined corruption.

He condemned the act and urged politician to see it as a very serious issues and be bold in the fight of corrupt activities, irrespective of political affiliation for sustained national development.

Mr. Osafo Marfo said government finds the acts of corruption as a major challenge in the development process of the country.

He added that relentless effort has been be done to prevent the fight and persecute any corrupt related cases using the legal processes available in the country.

The Australian High Commissioner to Ghana, Andrew Barnes, expressed shock at the level of corruption in the country.

He said corruption should not be an issue eating up a country which Christian population constitutes approximately 71.2% of the entire population.

Mr. Barnes pointed out that although he doesn’t believe in the existence of God, he knows “corruption is clearly against Christian teachings”.

He stressed that corruption is “not just illegal but it is also immoral” with dire consequence on the total development of a country.

Mr. Barnes commended the coalition for keeping up the pressure on government and those in responsible positions to check corruption, noting that the situation would have been worst without the GACC.

The Board Chairman of the Anti-Corruption Coalition and the Chairman of the occasion Nana Osei Bonso stated that
Ghana have not built the capacity and capabilities of investigative institutions to the level where investigations and forensic audits can unearth and reveal the numerous malfeasances that are occurring in the rapid regularity.

” if we are being honest with ourselves corruption is still rife and the perpetrators largely live in safe heaven in this very country,” he added.

He claimed Ghanaians are not lawless people and all needed was to see the leadership best attitude and motivation.

Nana Osei Bonso appealed to the government to consider concretizing it relationship with GACC by providing strategic support to the coalition to strengthen it capacity as a partner to fight corruption.

By: Paul Mamattah


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