Eight people died after a fierce fight at a cemetery


Reports gathered has it that eight people died on Saturday at a cemetery in Ejisu after a deadly fight erupted between two groups that met to bury their corpse WestAfrica24.com can confirm.

The brawl, which ensued between residents of the town and some artisans from the Suame Magazine in Kumasi, was initially sparked by who, between the two, should bury their dead first.

What reportedly escalated the conflict was when a motorbike belonging to one of the residents was suspected to have been stolen in the heat of the commotion by the boys from Suame magazine.

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According to eye-witness accounts, machetes,clubs and cement blocks were employed in the free-for-all fight, which led to the multiple deaths and injuries.

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The fight was bloody to the extent that, corpses were abondoned on their way for interment as pallbearers ran for lives.


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