Chiefs of the Ga State have been urged to make concious efforts to ensure that chieftaincy disputes are resolved for peace to prevail in the area.

According to the Nae Wulɔmɔ, Numo Akwaa Mensah III, noted that such disputes have consequences on security, socio-economic and infrastructural development of the Ga State.

The Nae Wulɔmɔ said this at the celebration of the Gamashie Homowo after sprinkling the traditional food called Kpokpoi at the various clan houses.

The traditional processes began in the early hours of Saturday with the preparation of the festival food; Kpokpoi, prepared from corn with palm nut soup and fish to go with it.

The ceremonial meal signifies the essence of Homowo, which literally means, hooting at hunger.

The Nae Wulɔmɔ, Numo Akwaa Mensah III who is the highest Priest of the Ga Tradional Area was the first leader to sprinkle Kpokpoi as a sign of appreciation to the gods in line with the rich custom of the Ga people.

He was accompanied by some clan and family heads to move from one traditional house to the other as well as historical houses.

That symbolic exercise paved the way for the Gbese Mantse, Nii Ayi-Bonte II, followed by the Ga Mantse, and his subjects to also sprinkle the Kpokpoi on the streets of GaMashie in the full glare of the hundreds of people from all walks of life who had lined up the streets to witness the memorable occasion which essence was to show gratitude to the ancestors of the land for their blessings in providing the people with food after a long famine.

Nae Wulɔmɔ, Numo Akwaa Mensah III, addressing the gathering, pointed out that the chieftaincy disputes in Ga State is becoming alarming and a threat to the security in the region.

He said such problems, which normally stemmed from greed and the disregard for the right succession channel to stools had created problems for the Ga Traditional Council.

Numo Akwaa Mensah III appealed to the Ga Traditional Council to take steps to solve the installation of multiple Chief to bring back the glory of the Ga State.

He added that the Chiefs must reconcile with the Traditional Priests of the land known as the “Wulɔmei” to assist in resolving the menace.



  1. Numo Akwaa Mensah III the claimants to Nae stool don’t you think we should start from Nae We since you also has a contender Nuumo Lakote because?

    Is he Numo Akwaa Mensah and Nuumo Ogbamey Sakumo Wulomo not part of the people who create the mess by doing multiple rituals for the Chiefs. I will love to have the answer from Numo Akwaa Mensah and his followers.

    I LAWE BI is in support of his ideas so I am appealing to the Ga Traditional Council to take steps to solve the installation of multiple Chief Priest of Nai and Korley to bring back the glory of the Ga State because when the head is fixed the tails can follow.


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