/First video of where the T’di girls were kept pops up.

First video of where the T’di girls were kept pops up.

The lifeless bodies of the three kidnapped Takoradi girls which sparked outcry all over the country have been found in a ceptic tank reports have gathered.

Samuel Wïlls, the prime suspect himself led the police team to the location where the girls were being held.

The suspect led the police to the area located near the hostel of the Methodist Girls Senior High School.

With the aid of sniffer dogs, the police stormed the Kasaworodo house of the accused person, cordoned off the area at about 5:30 pm on Friday, 2nd August 2019 and with the help of the Prisons Service, they emptied the septic tank and discovered the dead bodies.

A video from the operation that led to the discovery and exhumation of the dead bodies has popped up online after the news went viral.

In the video, ladies clothes were scattered in Wills room. Some of the clothes allegedly belong to the dead girls. Where their remains were retrieved is also captured in the video.

Watch the video below