Mr. Franklin Cudjoe seems to have gotten a away of delivering indirect jabs at the Akufo-Addo led government in recent times.

The Founding President and Chief Executive Officer of IMANI Centre for Policy and Education in a shot facebook post he made on July 28, 2019, the outspoken social auditor expressed shock to how president Trump got the money for the US-Mexican wall and “he got Mexico to invest $100m in Honduras to help migrants stay employed at home”.

According Mr. Cudjoe some people “may not like his gaffes but he gets his promises fulfilled without organising convoys to cut sods”.

Donald Trump often deliver on his campaign promises without even cutting sod for some of the projects unlike in Ghana where the president would go to the project site in a convoy of more than 40 V8 Land Cruisers just to cut a sod.


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