Gay couples kissing in front of religious protesters.


Instead of getting angry at a group of religious protesters, this couple decided to show what love is instead.

Joe Fergus, 24, and boyfriend Robert Brookes, 21, were outside a showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Stoneyhouse Arts centre in Chester where people holding placards had gathered.

The protesters were unhappy about the performance and shouted quotes from the Bible in protest at the musical which features homosexuality and cross dressing.

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They heckled theatregoers, telling them they had ‘dirty minds’ and a sign saying ‘be sure your sin will find you out’.

Joanne Clifton, who is playing the lead role of Janet, tweeted a picture of herself in front of the protesters from the Zion Tabernacle Protestant Evangelical Church.

‘With the protesters! Apparently, according to them we’re all gonna die by Friday because we’re in the Rocky Horror Show!’

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The protesters were back for the show’s second night, but this time some members of the local gay community decided to make a stand. We need to disrupt your day with climate protests so you sit up and take notice Joe and Robert were photographed standing directly in front of the protest group engaging in a passionate kiss, in an image that some have labelled ‘iconic’.

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Joe said: ‘When we arrived, there was lots of shouting between the protesters and audience members waiting outside the theatre. ‘

The problem with that is you can’t fight hate with hate, which is why we decided to spread some love.

‘I respect everyone is entitled to their opinion, however, I am also entitled to kiss my boyfriend wherever I want without judgment, and that’s what we are fighting for.’


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