Ghana Is being ruled By Criminals –  Furious Citizen Laments


Scores of Ghanaian took to the street to register their displeasure on the unbearable living conditions and mismanagent of the country’s resources by the current New Patriotic Party administration, led by President Akufo-Addo.

Some placards read “stop stealing our money” , “journalism not a crime” to signify the worrying level of the economic hardship and in security in the country.

Speaking in an interview with on the ground, Mr. Daniel Ofori, a business man who joined the demonstration in Accra said the president only appointed his cronies to syphon monies from state coffers.

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He said the NPP government has disappointed the business community by making the country unfriendly for investors.

For him, the President has not shown any commitment in fighting corruption since he assumed office in 2017.

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He accused the President of encouraging his appointees to steal from the state coffers at the expense of tax payers.

Mr. Daniel Ofori made these remarks during the massive demonstration that hit the streets of Accra by the people to register their grievances.

“The only thing the president is good at is to clear his appointees of any wrong doing after Ghanaians have make some noise”, he fumes.

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The business mogul accused the government of intentionally crippling their businesses by imposing heavy taxes.

He therefore called on Ghanaians to rise up against any bad government irrespective of one’s political affiliation.

Mr. Daniel Ofori stated that the level of unemployment in the country currently has been the worst situation ever witnessed by Ghanaians.



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