/Ghanaian Youth Warned Against Political Instability

Ghanaian Youth Warned Against Political Instability

Ghana United Nations Association (GUNA) has cautioned the youth to refuse to be used as agents to foment violence in the country.

They were also advised to word off any irresponsible leaders in the country as the 2020 general elections approaches.

GUNA also urged the youth to be wise and flee away from any act of violence that will bring mayhem and mare the peace of the country.

This was contained in a press release signed by the GUNA Youth Affairs National Secretary, Samuel Bamidele Ojo in Accra.

The statement said it is bad enough being in riot but starting one is much worse as the consequences are numerous.

It further said some of these irresponsible leaders, whom the youth should flee from their baits, could be traditional rulers, political leaders, pastors and radio presenters who have penchant for bloodshed.

The statement noted with concern how wicked leaders who want to hold on to power or grab power by hook or crook and smartly want to flee from being accountability that they entice the youth to do their wicked bidding for them.

It further stated that it is time for the educated youth to become wide awake to sensitize their fellow gullible youth to turn their sword against their paymasters who would never allow their children to involve themselves in such criminalities.

The statement also said GUNA has always wondered why opinion leaders who live on unrest never employ their children or loved ones to do violent activities.

It pointed out that criminal charges have no expiry, consequently the youth must be warned against violent since the law can deal with them and their paymasters at anytime when they are out of power.

The statement concluded by encouraging the youth to channel their strength into viable engagements to better their lots adding that “GUNA rather needs the opinion leaders to help the youth for development”.

By: Paul Mamattah