/Ghana’s Evangelist Dag Heward-Mills brought dead woman to life during crusade in Namibia.

Ghana’s Evangelist Dag Heward-Mills brought dead woman to life during crusade in Namibia.

A Namibian woman, who was present at the second night of Evangelist Dag Heward-Mills’ Healing Jesus Campaign in Oshakati, Nambia, has claimed that her mother has been brought back to life after she died 7 hours ago.

During the testimony time, the woman came on the podium to tell her story of how her mother died the previous day at 3pm but was miraculously raised to life at 10pm when she attended the crusade.

The testimony turned the already awe-stricken crowd into a jubilant shout and chants of praise to God for that mighty miracle.

According to the woman, she heard the Spirit of God telling her to leave her ‘dead mother and attend the service for something will happen.

She adds that whilst at the service, she was communicating with relatives at home for updates about her mother.

She says that she received no positive news until the service ended, that was when she was contacted that her mother had begun breathing again.

Responding to the testimony, Dag Heward-Mills said that the Holy Spirit had impressed upon him that the dead would be brought back to life during the service but he was quiet about it because he did not see anyone come with a dead body.

Mr. Dag further asked the jubilant woman to bring her now alive mother to participate in the crusade

The first time the dead was raised in Evangelist Dag’s Ministry was 19 years ago in Colombia when a woman brought her son to the stage to testify that he was dead but had been miraculously brought to life!

The Presiding Bishop of the United Denomination – originating from the Lighthouse Group of Churches- is in Namibia holding campaigns in four cities.

He has already held two campaigns in the northern part of Namibia and according to reports, the campaigns have been dominated with miracles.

The sight of the blind have been restored, the physically-disabled are now walking among other mind-blowing testimonies.

Bishop Dag, who himself is a medical doctor, attributes these happenings to Almighty God.