President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has directed the Inspector General of Police, David Asante-Appeatu to proceed on leave.

In a letter signed by the communications director at the jubilee house and cited by, the Inspector General was directed to proceed on leave ahead with immediate effect despite him preparing to finally retire in the following month of August 2019.

Mr. Appietu supposed to retire in last year August but due to certain circumstances, the president of the republic extended his working period by one year.

Come August is the month he is to officially go on retirement before his sudden dismissal.

Mr. James Oppong Buanuh is appointed to act as the IGP for the time being before a substantive IGP is appointed.

Earlier today, it has been reported in the media that the IGP and the CID boss are to appear in court today to face contept case against them after they failed to appear before the Accra High Court for two consecutive times. Today too, it is confirmed that the two top police officials failed to show up in the court and due to that, the case has been adjourned to October this year.

See the statement below;



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