I will turn myself into a fool for peace to prevail – Sacked Northern Development Authority boss.


[GHANA] – Dismissed (CEO) for the Northern Development Authority (NDA), Alhaji Dr. Haroun Majeed, has finally broken his silence on the brouhaha surrounding the missing 400 tricycles and the subsequent statement released by the Northern regional minister, Salifu Sa-eed on same matter. Dr. Majeed in a proverbial tone stated that, “if satan begins to show a head and start family fight, silenced by one of the parties is wisdom”.

According to the sacked NDA boss, several people have sent him copies of the regional minister’s statement but he has since “refused to read” because it doesn’t require his attention. Adding that even several voices were sent to him but he had to ignore them because it had nothing to do with him.

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Dr. Majeed in a telephone chart with Radio Tamale’s Robicon Mornahson revealed that, at this point of his life he does not have any responsibility to respond to anyone on the matter but to only sit at home and console himself with zikr of praises to his maker.

“If I had any reason to respond to anybody I would have done so and in that case, I could have made clarifications to my responds. As it is, I am sitting here in my house consoling myself with zikr of praises to my maker. I think that is good enough pastime for me”.

As to what he makes of the regional minister’s statement released a few weeks ago and what his response would be, Mr. Haroun responded in a rather jovial manner;

“To give a layman’s answer to a professional questioner will seem like (as someone said once)”, “Boot for charlie worteh”

The former NDA boss in a thought-provoking Dagbanli proverb added that, ‘a fool and a wise person lives together, a wise person can not live with a wise person’. And also believes the regional minister’s statement couldn’t have been in response to him and that, there was not way he would ever engage the minister in such a convolution.

A chief in Tolon (don’t ask me who-am not a drummer) is reported to have said: Jerigu mini yendan‘ nkpera; yem ni yem ku toh kpe….. So between the regional minister and I, if I sense a disagreement, I will turn myself the fool for peace to reign.


“I never at anywhere published anything against him, so he is NOT REPLYING to me so why must I read it?”

Some reports were made few weeks ago about the involvement of the Northern regional minister, Salifu Sa-eed and the Northern regional chairman of the NPP, chairman Samba, who were mentioned in a statement by the sacked NDA boss to the police as persons who superintended the stealing of over 400 tricycles from the NDA yard in October last year. An allegation they both denied and called for thorough police investigations into the matter.

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Many speculated that, this conduct led to President Nana Akufo-Addo revoking the appointment of the Chief Executive Officer of the Northern Development Authority, Dr Alhaji Abdel-Majeed Haroun with no stated reasons to his decision on December 12, 2019.



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