I’m still assuming my daughter is in school and would soon return – Father of kidnapped Taadi girl


The father of Priscilla Blessing Bentum one of the three Takoridi Kidnapped girls says he takes his daughter’s absence from home for the past one year that she’s in school and will definitely return home someday.

The Bentum family on Saturday 17th August-exactly one year after Priscilla was kidnapped held a solemn commemorative prayer ceremony calling on the Almighty God to intervene in their difficult situation.

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They prayed for the Almighty to intervene as Police continue with their DNA analysis to ascertain whether some human remains retrieved from a septic tank in the house of the prime suspect Samuel Udotek Wills are actually that of the missing girls.

“Today is exactly one year my daughter went missing and it’s been a very difficult period for me having to live without my daughter. But I take it that it’s just one day, all that has happened I take it that she’s in school and will surely return one day. So though we think about her I take it that she’s in school and will come home one fine day,”

Mr. Bentum told Joy News.

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Meanwhile, the Police Administration has announced that barring any unforeseen circumstances the DNA results will be ready return by the middle of September 2019.

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The whereabouts of the three missing Takoradi girls – Ruthlove Quayson, Priscilla Blessing Bentum, and Priscilla Koranchie – who were kidnapped between August and December 2018 have been a mystery several months after the issue gained national prominence.

Source: JoyNews


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