The social media brawl that ensued between Medikal and Strongman had died down but the fragments are yet to be tidied up.

Both camps seem to have ceased fire after a severe Twitter scuffle which was characterised by multiple diss tracks released in spontaneity in a bid to outwit each other with the use of vulgar language and innuendoes so to appear ‘great’ in their fans’ eyes.

Medikal’s switch from maintaining a good one decorous language in his releases, to the blatant abuse he unleashed on Strongman and his girlfriend Nana AMA was the last straw that broke the camel’s back.

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Fans of both both sides who were mostly their Twitter followers bared their teeth out at what they described as hitting below the belt in the case of Medikal.

Strongman, as a beef such as theirs will have it, also replied in equal measure. His reply diss track, did a great deal of damage to Medikal and his girlfriend Fella Makafui. A section of Twitter users were elated to have seen Strongman come strong to silent his opponent-in this case their opponent. Celebrities and social influencers on Twitter also ensured that the beef was sustained for quite a while by tweeting materials that played and fed on the emotions of all and heightened the tension.

After a fortnight, these two self acclaimed best rappers seem to have buried the hatchet and smoked the peace pipe. However, recent tweets from Medikal and Strongman paints a rather gloomy picture. If these two artistes will collaborate mutually for the growth of the Ghanaian music industry, the better for their relevance.


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