/JUST IN: Ghana’s secret agenda against Western Togoland, also known British Togoland exposed.

JUST IN: Ghana’s secret agenda against Western Togoland, also known British Togoland exposed.

One of the three separatist movements in the Volta Region namely; United Freedom Fighters (UFF) has exposed the government of Ghana’s secret and dangerous agenda planned against the people of the Volta Region which is now called Western Togoland.

In a press release which is copied to WestAfrica24.com, the group accuses the Ghana government of working with the HSGF, the separatist group that declared Volta Region independent to declare state of emergency in parts of the territory so as to deploy troops for the execution of the said secret agenda.

“Ghana is pushing the NGO known as HSGF to make reckless moves that will be used as excuses for the government of Ghana to deploy troops to part of the Western Togoland and this they said is bound to happen to two weeks to come”, part of the press release says.

However, a student source who pleaded anonymity revealed to this portal that over 30 uniformed soldiers were seen on the Ho Technical University campus yesterday, 19th November and they left the campus around 9-10 pm.

Speaking to WestAfrica24.com this morning, an official of the university confirmed the presence of the soldiers on their campus yesterday but said he saw just about 5 uniformed soldiers on the campus. All efforts to reach the Public Affairs of the HTU have yield no results.

Below is the full press statement;

                                                           PRESS RELEASE

For Immediate Release

                                 SECRET AGENDA AGAINST BRITISH TOGOLAND

Information reaching the offices of the United Freedom Fighters Party suggests that Ghana is in a secret agenda with Mr. Charles Kormi Kudzordzi and his Non-Governmental Organization, Homeland Study Group Foundation (HSGF) to declare a state of emergency in parts of British Togoland in order to deploy the security services unto the land.

The government wishes to achieve this evil agenda through the N.G.O by using the old man to create the conditions necessary for this purpose. The Homeland Study Group Foundation which was registered at the Registrar General’s Department as a Non-Governmental Organization to teach the history of the Ewes has already made three attempts to declare independence for British Togoland.

In 2017, Mr. Kudzordzi was arrested by the police for attempting to declare independence and was later discharged. In 2019, Mr. Kudzordzi was once again arrested together with others for attempting to declare independence. When his PRO Mr. George Nyarkpo was interviewed by Radio France he denied the HSGF was planning to declare independence. He categorical stated the HSGF was neither a separatist group, a secessionist group nor a political party when he was questioned by the Radio France reporter. Mr. George Nyarkpo said the HSGF was a study group established to teach the history of Ewes. He also published a press release blaming the media for referring to them as separatists.

Just a few months after the second arrest on the 5th of May, 2019, Mr. Kudzordzi again on the 16th of November, 2019 gathered a few people at Ho very close to the Regional Police Headquarters and claimed he declared the British Togoland independent from Ghana and immediately went into hiding leaving the unsuspecting supporters to face the consequences. At this time, strangely enough he was not arrested.  Mr. Kudzordzi when he was arrested in 2017 gave his age as 90 years but in 2019, two years after the first arrest gave his age as above 80 years. This kind of backward growth could only be explained by Mr. Kudzordzi and his accomplices.

Meanwhile Mr. Kudzordzi was contracted by the previous government to fraudulently collect signatures from some of our chiefs under the pretest of independence and then handed this document to the then government. The document was then presented to the United Nations that the chiefs agreed to the exploration of oil in the Keta basin.

The UFF will like to know if the government is not aware that the HSGF is an NGO. We also will like to know whether the unsuspecting supporters who were drumming and dancing after the fake declaration were going to govern the so-called independent nation with the NGO.

The most dangerous part of the plot is that Mr. Kudzordzi and his accomplices will be making another reckless move so Ghana can have an excuse to deploy the military to some parts of the British Togoland. This according to our sources will be happening in about two weeks. He will then be given police protection at a secret location arranged by the two parties.

We want both the local and international communities to intervene in order to avoid bloodshed. The innocent citizens of British Togoland are already hungry and angry and will not allow a repetition of what happened in the forties and fifties where Kwame Nkrumah killed our chiefs, chased some of them out of the country and imprisoned some of them.

In conclusion, the UFF is using internationally approved procedures to achieve separation of British Togoland from Ghana. We also urge all citizens to remain strong and know the U.F.F is going to use the same wisdom used by Togbui Tsali to liberate the Ewes from the wicked rule of Togbui Agorkoli to liberate British Togoland. The liberation of British Togoland is coming now and not later. Thank you.


Raphael Tettevi,

Founder and Leader of United Freedom Fighters



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Source: WestAfrica24.com