/Kasoa-Malam highway flooded after one hour of heavy rain.

Kasoa-Malam highway flooded after one hour of heavy rain.

The highway that stretches from West Hills mall to Barrier in the Weija Gbawe municipality has reportedly been flooded after less than two hours of heavy rain today, 21st November.

Raman, an eyewitness who spoke to WestAfrica24.com earlier indicated that the condition of the road at the moment is very horrible as the water covers the entire road and even some drivers are not willing to pass through. Some drivers risk their lives together with their passengers to cross.

The exact location of this flood is from Block factory to Barrier as said by the eyewitness.

This happened few weeks after a similar thing happened on the Tema motorway which was widely reported in the media.

Source: WestAfrica24.com