Academic activities at the Kumasi Technical University have been brought to a halt after lecturers decided to join Technical University Teachers Association of Ghana (TUTAG) on a strike action.

TUTAG is on strike to demand pay structures that are on the same grade as their colleague lecturers in traditional universities.

The lecturers say they will call off their strike if government assures them of meeting their demands. They have laid down their tools to protest government’s delay in meeting their demands.

The entrance of the Kumasi Technical University has been brandished in red cloth indicating an industrial action. Red flags have also been hoisted at vantage points of the campus.

Students say the industrial action by TUTAG will have grave impact on their academic work.

“School just reopened six weeks ago and this strike will affect us. We need to write attachment reports and it is the lecturers who have been guiding us to write this report. So it (strike action) will have a high effect on us,” a students said.

According to Chairman of the Kumasi Technical University Chapter of TUTAG, Andrews Dankwah, government has failed to fulfill its side of the bargain to migrate them onto the Public Universities Salary Structure (PUSS).

“We have been on this for a very long time… For how long can we continue to dialogue? … we don’t like being on strike. But we’ve been pushed far too long,” Mr Dankwah said.



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