/Lady threw her underwear at Stonebwoy on stage in Netherlands

Lady threw her underwear at Stonebwoy on stage in Netherlands

The Tuff Seed hitmaker, Stonebwoy yesterday revealed the most shocking thing he ever encounter in his music career.

According to Stonebwoy, he was so surprised to see a female fan who could not hold herself after enjoying his performance removed her underwear and threw it at him.

“At an event, somebody had to throw her underwear at me”, he said.

He revealed this in a phone-in interview with host KMJ at Joy Prime which was monitored by WestAfrica24.com on Wednesday, August 7, 2019.

He also indicated that the incident took place when he was performing in Netherlands

Stonebwoy further added that he initially felt it was a normal cloth thrown at him but later, he realised it was female underwear.

“When I saw the thing I thought it was a cloth or something but when I saw the thing properly I was like damn!”, Stonebwoy said whiles laughing.

Stonebwoy also disclosed that the moment was the first of its kind to have had such a reaction from a fan.