/Lafaa Chief Descends On Attoh Quarshie … Declare Your Lineage At Ngleshie

Lafaa Chief Descends On Attoh Quarshie … Declare Your Lineage At Ngleshie

The newly installed Chief of Lafaa in the Ablekuma South municipality of the Greater Accra Region ,Nii Ayi Okufuobour I has described as shear ignorance statements attributed to one Attoh Qhuarshie that there is no place or community called Lafaa which falls under the James Town(Ngleshie) Paramount Stool of the Ga State.

A voice recording purported to be that of Attoh Qhuarshie, a 74 year old politician who describes himself as the family head for Ajumanku Dawuranpong which has found it’s way on some social media platforms, the self styled member of the Ajumaku Dawuranpong family is heard insulting and calling people names whiles issuing a warning that he will rise up and fight those who are against his self acclaimed position of a family head.

Reacting to the above claims, Nii Okofuobour I, says he is alarmed by the level of distortions of the history of the Ngleshie by the so called son of the land hence his reaction.

According to Nii, these distortions in facts and misinformation can only be made by someone who doesn’t hail from James Town therefore challenged Attoh Quarshie to come out and tell the whole world his family tree at Ngleshie as well as mention any four stools which falls under Otokunor and other stools of Ngleshie or forever hold his peace.

For anyone to claim that because of his ignorance Lafaa doesnt exist then it only goes to prove that he is an imposter in the Ngleshie Alata stool affairs and for that matter the Ajumanku Dawuranpong family.

Nii Ayi Okufuobour I, explained that if the self acclaimed head of family knew his family tree from James Town, he would have known that when we mention Lafaa (stream) under the Ngleshie Alata stool we are referring to where Bricks and Tiles and some other a joining communities are.

“I am Nii Ayi who knows my forebear from James Town and for that matter Ajumanku Dawuranpong.

Attoh Quarshie should tell us the ruling house in Ngleshie Alata he is from” Nii stated.

I also know that Lafaa is a stream that lies between Sakaman and Weija and shares boundary with Sakaman, Gbawe,Dansoman, Mallam among others.

It’s obvious that Mr Attoh Quarshie roots can not be traced in the scheme of things that why he is throwing tantrums without recourse to his family history on social media.

Nii said said the distortions and misinformation does not come to him as a surprise, because Mr. Attoh Quarshie does not know his family tree because he does not really come from Ajumanku.

“We know Quarshie Christian who settled at Kokrobitey to be the father of Attoh Quarshie.

Nii indicated that Attoh Quarshie’s father had Christian has his surname,as to how Attoh Quarshie changed his surname to Quarshie will be made known to the public in due course.

“Very soon we shall unvail the curtain for him to know where he really belongs” Nii said angrily.
Nii disclosed that there are Court Judgements in respect of the area in question so if he does not know the history he should approach those with the requisite knowledge for tutorials about the history of James Town adding he should go and read the Ngleshie Alata history books.

Nii Okofuobour I, concluded that the time for Ngleshie Alata to take his rightful place in the scheme of of things is now, he said their forefathers fought with their blood to ensure that their names remain in the history books for now and that the spirit of their forefathers will not rest but will bring down any one who is working contrary to the betterment of Ajuamanku Dawuranpong family and by extension Ngleshie Alata.

By: WestAfrica24.com