/Let Peace Prevail In The Ga State-Kwabenya Queen Mother

Let Peace Prevail In The Ga State-Kwabenya Queen Mother

The Queen mother of the Kwabenya Traditional area, Naa Korkoi Dugbatey I has called on GaDangme’s to approach the crisis confronting the Ga state with calm spirit guided by custom and tradition.

She noted that issues confronting the Ga State over installation of Chiefs could best resolves by a united front.

Naa Korkoi Dugbatey I said this in an interview with Westafrica24.com when the people of Gamashie celebrated their annual Homowo in Accra.

The festival which was celebrated peacefully, attracted a large number of natives from the Ga state and other places.

The people clad in red, singing, dancing amidst brass band, the Chiefs and family heads took turns to sprinkled the kpokpoi and pour libation at sacred places and places.

Naa Korkoi Dugbatey I stated that elders of the Ga state should respect and abide by customary rules and tradition adding that the interest of the GaDangme’s could be best protected through understanding the unity.

“It is only a united GaDangme, which can make its unique contribution to the heritage and prosperity of Ghana.” she indicated.

Commenting on sanitation issues confronting the country, she called for attitudinal change in Ghanaians to help in the fight against sanitation challenges confronting Ghana.

Naa Korkoi Dugbatey I noted that the rate at which filth is causing outbreak of diseases and death among Ghanaians is alarming and underscored the need for Ghanaians to make efforts in fighting the menace.

She indicated that the adverse effect of poor sanitation is disturbing especially among children.

Touching on education, Naa Korkoi Dugbatey I appealed to parents and guardians to invest in their wards’ education to become important personality in the future.

According to her, education is important investment parents could bequeath their children and entreated them to desist from frivolous spending.

By: Paul Mamattah