[LIBERIA] – The Liberia Law Society (LLS), an advocacy group mainly concerned with justice, has identified a number of human rights abuses and constitutional breaches it says the George Weah Administration has failed to address. Beginning with a more recent situation, the LLS condemned in stronger terms hot water Cannon and tear gas the Liberia National Police used on peaceful protesters on January 6 to disperse the crowd.

In a statement issued recently in Monrovia, the LLC concurred with the Independent National Human Rights Commission on the request it made to the government to investigate the causes of the use of force against the peaceful protesters.

The LLS in its chronicle of events that have taken place and gone uninvestigated, recalled Matthew Innis of the Central Bank of Liberia who died mysteriously and the government attributed his demise to “Hit and run.”   The government at that time said an unknown vehicle hit Innis and went away.

It also pointed out rape, sexually deviant behavior, sexual assault, and violent abuse of youths, noting that young girls have become sexual “Pawns” in an abyss of impunity, wealth and power.

The group also recalled the electoral-related violence that took place in Montserrado County Districts 13 and 15 where opposition candidates were attacked, stressing that these have gone uninvestigated that no one is held responsible up to date. LLS also flagged out persistent attacks on Montserrado County District 10 Representative Yekeh Kolubah and an attempt by the government at one point in time to prevent Jestina Taylor from traveling abroad for medication after coming under attack by unknown men.

The LLS also considers the impeachment of Associate Justice Kabineh Ja’neh and the replacement of Judge Ernest Bana in the Roots FM case as “Executive Tyranny and judicial subordination.”  Furthermore, it could not leave out the use of force against students of the Monrovia Consolidated School System on October 15 last year; the question of War Crimes Court, lack of action on the US$25 million mop up scandal; the missing L$16 billion, the Kingsville killing of peaceful and unarmed protesters by the Liberia National Police, and the attack on Roots FM for freedom of expression.

According to the LLS, the Laissez-passer saga surrounding the chairman of the Council of Patriots and popular talk show host, Henry Costa, is a “Fiasco” that provides ample evidence why political exiles might be on the increase signaling the rise of totalitarianism in Liberia.  The LLS lauded the Sierra Leone Government, the civil society group of Sierra Leone and those of Liberia who stood with Henry Costa to make sure that his right to life was protected.

In consonance with Montserrado County Senator Darius Dillon, the LLS is calling for the full audit of all sectors of the Liberian Government (Legislature, Judiciary, and the Executive.  “The integrity of the Government is in question since a full audit of its various sectors has not been conducted in the face of raging suspicion by the public,” LLS statement said.

The group says since the dialogue of national reconciliation and justice began gaining momentum the government has viewed it with disinterest without action; which accordingly would lead the country into its bitter past.  It further stressed that all that constituted reasons for Liberia’s ugly have been practiced today; nepotism, corruption, divisive politics and state criminalization.

The group also expressed the need for an investigation in the role of former rebel generals and combatants who are openly displaying their roles in government and threatening to arrest a sitting lawmaker while another one is planning to train a “Kru Defense Force” for the protection of the President.

The group claims that it will always advocate for human rights and justice, bringing the government’s attention to strengthening integrity institutions to curtail corruption and enhance, transparency, justice and accountability


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