/Maiden Maja-Afuabee Folk Music, Dance And Arts Heritage Festival Comes Off December 28

Maiden Maja-Afuabee Folk Music, Dance And Arts Heritage Festival Comes Off December 28

The maiden edition of Maja-Afuabee International Folk Music, Dance and Arts Heritage Festival comes off Saturday December 28, 2019 at Osu in the Greater Accra region.

The folk music, dance and arts heritage festival will focus on indigenous music, culture, tradition and dance such as Kpele, Klama, Gomé, Kpanlogo, Borborbor, Adowa among others.

The festival will be under the auspices of Black Unity Foundation which is Pan African institution and Modin Archives is aimed at reviving the interest of native dance and folk music especially among the natives.

Speaking in an interview with WestAfrica24.com in Accra, a member of the Board of Directors, Numo Tettey Amanor stated that through indigenous music and dance, the festival will support the development of critical awareness of one’s own cultural influence by way of dialogue and exchange with other cultural influence in an effort to foster tolerance and appreciation.

He explained that folk music, dance, traditions are all modes of promoting and preserving the country’s rich cultural heritage for onwards transfer to the next generation.

Numo Amanor noted that the event will offer numerous opportunities in the tourism sector, where investors can contribute to the development of the country.

He added that the event will also offer opportunity to individuals and groups to market themselves, networking and visibility through the folk music and dance festival.

Numo Amanor called on African Orchestras, choirs, ensembles, poets as well as all in the creative industry to register for participation.

To perform at the Maiden Maja-Afuabee Folk Music, Dance and Arts Heritage International Festival, contact the organisers on 0552631344 or email:

Closing date for request of participation is 15th of December, 2019.

By: Paul Mamattah