The deputy minister for defence, Hon. Derrick Oduro who is a retired major of the Ghana Armed Force has been described as a disaster to the ruling.

Mr. Edgar Wiredu who was a panelist on Pan African TV’s Good Morning Africa program yesterday, July 24th refered to the Deputy defense minister as a disaster for his unhealth comment made about asaults on journalists back in 2017.

During the panel discussion which was closely monitored by, the Insurance Practitioner said people like Major Oduro are the ones making the president and his government unpopular.

Ghanaians would remember very well an incident that happened on 6th March, 2017 when a freelance journalist was seriously beaten by group of military officers for filming them when they were brutalizing a civilian.

Aftermath of this, retired major Oduro said on live tv that soldiers will continue to beat loud mouth journalist. His utterances were heavily critised and many advocated for his resignation as well.



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