Malian model gifts a house, range rover and huge amount of money to the children of Dj Arafat.


Popular Malian model and entrepreneur who goes by the name Dieba Sora has gifted a fully furnished house, a brand new range rover and the sum of more than GHS 900,000.00 to one of the two wives of the late Ivorian singer, Dj Arafat.

The beautiful model who together with her two siblings are refered to as the Kardashians of Mali made the announcement on her social media handles.

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Carmen Sama is one of the two wives of the late singer who is the beneficiary to the kind gesture of the Malian model who is into cosmetic products.

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The late Dj Arafat was having millions of fans worldwide and Dieba Sora seems to be one of his die-hard fans hence her gesture towards the wife and children of her idol (Arafat).

Dj Arafat was buried yesterday, August 31st amid lot of unrest caused by his “Chinese” who exhumed his body from the grave in a bid to confirm whether it was truly their Daishinkan or not. Police had to scare them off with warning shots and teargas.

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