/Man butchered friend to death over impotency mockery, He later K!lled himself.

Man butchered friend to death over impotency mockery, He later K!lled himself.

A man whose name is only given as Lobi aka Red, a resident of Nkrankwanta in the Bono Region have stabbed to death his close friend Kwaku Mensah, 32, for mockering him over impotency.

Lobi however killed himself after committing the crime.

A local Journalist, Jerry Simon Okrah, narrating the circumstance leading to the deaths in an interview with Kasapa News Bonohene Baffuor Awuah explained that some months back Lobi, was involved in a motor accident during which he sustained severe injuries around his groin.

After treatment at the hospital, it was rumoured that he had been rendered impotent. News of his impotency then begun to spread all over the community. Lobi’s wife is said to have started engaging in promiscuity having sex with young boys even below her age to satisfy her sexual hunger.

Lobi, then became an object of mockery with ‘several young men in the town taunting him.

On Monday, Lobi who’s said to be a very quiet person set off to his farm. Soon, Kwaku Mensah followed him and started teasing him over his ‘impotency’.

Unable to control his anger, Lobi fetched his sharpened machete pursued Kwaku Mensah and started butchering him until he died.

Having noticed he’d killed Mensah, he hanged himself on a tree.

The Police were informed about the incident following which some officers were dispatched to convey both bodies to the Dormaa Presbyterian Hospital morgue for preservation.

Source: Ghana/Kasapafmonline.com