Man shot 4 times as he tries to prevent brother from being robbed.


Texas Police are hoping a sketch helps find a robber who shot at a man protecting his brother from being robbed.

Eleuterio and his younger brother had just parked their work truck near Campbell and Long Point Road in the Spring Branch area on June 9. They were walking to their apartment and noticed a suspicious vehicle.

He told his younger brother to walk faster, that’s when Eleuterio says a man with the vehicle approached them demanding their phone and wallet.

Eleuterio says his younger brother handed over the phone and then one of the suspects started choking his brother.

“When I saw they had my brother like that, I tried to help but then the driver came out of the truck with a gun and shot me,” Eleuterio said.

Eleuterio says he was shot four times. In fact, he says one bullet was just inches from his spine.

“I told my sister to take care of my daughter because I thought I was dying,” said Eleuterio.

He survived but has a long road to recovery ahead. He says his doctor said he won’t be able to return to work for another year.

He said that bills are due and he can’t help his family.

Police released a sketch of the suspected shooter. There are four suspects in total.

The shooter is described as a thin black man in his late 20’s to early 30’s, and police say they want him off the streets.

“Anybody that’s willing to do that once, there’s nothing to keep him from not doing it again,” said detective Jeff Brieden with HPD’s robbery division. “He had no regard for this guy’s life, so it’s important that we get him off the streets.”he said.


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