/Michy found blessings after leaving Shatta Wale – Delay.

Michy found blessings after leaving Shatta Wale – Delay.

Ghanaian television personality popularly known as Delay has said Michy is blessed to leave Shatta Wale because of indications from her then and now photos.

According to Delay, now Michy does not have to go through the stress of asking for permission to do things she loves and that’s all what life is about.

She mentioned that although life was better when she was with Shatta Wale, her current status is the best thing to have ever happened to her.

Delay mentioned that Michy has motivated her and given her more reason to stay out of marriage and enjoy her life.

“When I saw the photo of Michy, it has encouraged me not to get married and continue to enjoy my life.”

Source: mynewsgh