Africa is the second largest continent in the world which attracts a lot of people from all races, photographers and holiday makers because of its amazing landscapes and serenity.

When planning a trip to Africa for holidays and vacations, there are dozens of places of interest you will love to visit and make your trip memorable.

Here are just some five {5} most visited and amazing places that you should think of when planning a trip to the continent.

1: Table Mountain, South Africa.

In South Africa, one of the most visited place in the country is the Table Mountain. With its flat- topped nature, it attracts visitors across the world who got to the top by hiking or using the cableway.

It has a prominent landscape overlooking the city of Cape Town.

2: Zanzibar, Tanzania.

Just off the coast of Tanzania in the Indian Ocean, Zanzibar is among top places to visit in Africa.

The Stone Town of Zanzibar is a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the island’s biggest tourist attractions in the region due to it history and amazing beaches to comfort its visitors. It has a good security records as the authorities see to the safety of visitors.

2: Zambezi River, Zambia.

The Zambezi river which is known to be the fourth longest river on the continent is one of the places you should think of visiting when in Africa.

The river which is located in Zambia find it way through Angola, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique where it moves to the Indian Ocean.

Due to its beautiful nature and sorroudings, visitors from all angle trooped in to make their trip to Africa a memorable one.

4: Nzulezu Village, Ghana.

Nzulezu is a village built on a river and it is located 90 kilometers west of Takoradi in the Western region of Ghana.

Nzulezo overlooks the Lake Tadane, and is entirely made up of stilts and platforms. In 2000, it was nominated as a UNESCO has nominated it as a world heritage site and a lot of visitors moves in to experience life over there. However, canoe is the only means of transport to the village.

5: Victoria Fall, Zambia.

Victoria Falls is among the Seven Natural Wonders of the World and the major waterfall on the Zambezi River in Africa. It attract holiday makers and photographers as it is noted for being the largest waterfall in the world.

Tourists most often visit the fall in the dry season, between May and October.

The Victoria fall should also come to mind when planning to visit Africa.

IF you are planning to travel across the world and make your trip better and memorable, with these few amazing places listed, Africa should be the first continent to think of visiting.


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